Having erectile dysfunction at any age can be troubling and disheartening for men, but it's also not uncommon. It's estimated that 18 million men experience this condition, and that includes anyone over the age of 20. Young men are not excluded from this condition. If you're having difficulty of this nature and are under a lot of stress, that could be your problem. Here's how stress and anxiety might be causing your ED.

How Stress Triggers ED

Stress wreaks havoc on your entire body if you let it. Your mind gets overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, and you may not be as in-the-moment as you would be otherwise. Getting distracted while trying to maintain a romantic atmosphere is difficult, to say the least, and the state your mind is in plays a big role in whether or not you can get and maintain an erection.

When you react to a stressful scenario, it's not just your mind that gets involved. Your body reacts to it, too. When you're stressed, your body often switches into a fight or flight mode. This leads to an increase in cortisol production, a stress hormone, and it can trigger other bodily responses, like an increased heart rate or shallow breathing. In essence, your body is preparing for a scenario where you may have to fight or run for your life, so using resources on maintaining an erection isn't top priority.

Managing Anxiety

Thankfully, if this is the root of your problem, dealing with it is fairly easy.

If you find that you're overwhelmed with stress regularly, it's a good idea to try removing yourself from the stressful scenarios. This isn't always possible, of course, but when you can, avoid starting or getting into arguments, and don't take on more than you can handle.

One common practice for handling stress is meditation. Any sort of activity that keeps you in the moment, focused on your breathing or bodily motion, is a great way of escaping your stress. Meditation, yoga, and tai chi can all help to reduce your anxiety and stress, and they have lasting benefits that may follow you to the bedroom.

Get Help

Finally, don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about this condition. It can be embarrassing, but your doctor is there to treat your symptoms and conditions, not to judge you. Chances are you're far from the first person to come to them with this problem, too.

It's important to see your doctor not only because they can help you with ED medication but so that they can perform tests and ensure that your ED isn't due to a medical condition. If you haven't made an appointment to see your doctor yet, you should.

Stress can ruin your day and even your night. If you're having difficulty performing, talk to a doctor and start meditating to reduce your stress and to get back what you've lost.