Chiggers are a mite species that are red, orange, or yellow in color. Chiggers live in moist areas, including grassy fields, riverbanks, and lawns. Baby chiggers are minuscule in size. Groups of young chiggers may cling to damp, organic materials. Chigger bites can affect people who spend time outdoors. Although bites aren't painful, they can leave a nasty rash that will require a medicinal ointment.

Chigger Behaviors

Due to the small size of baby chiggers, someone who is spending time outdoors may not even notice that a threat is present. Chiggers will attach to clothing and skin. If they attach to clothing, they will crawl around until they find exposed skin.

A chigger will use their jaws to pierce the skin. They will inject saliva through the top layers of the skin. Once a series of bites have been administered, it may take several hours for a victim to take note of an itchy rash. The rash may look like small, red raised bumps or blisters. A rash that is a result of chigger bites could take a couple of weeks to go away.

A Bite Relief Ointment

Incessantly scratching affected skin could lead to irritation or infection. A prescription ointment can be acquired from a medical doctor. An ointment is a topical product that may contain an antibiotic. A prescription-strength ointment will calm itching and inflammation that are associated with a chigger rash.

A doctor will examine the skin first, to determine if chiggers have caused a rash to form. Next, they will assess the redness and swelling of the skin. If a rash is severe and a patient is experiencing a lot of itching, the medical provider may prescribe an ointment. The ointment should be applied daily to the affected area. While the affected skin is healing, loose clothing should be worn over it. The skin should be cleaned and dried, in between prescription ointment applications.


After someone has been diagnosed with chigger bites, they will be better able to prepare themselves for encountering this mite species again. Since chiggers may live on low-lying trees, shrubs, and other plant life, pants should be worn while walking across a property that is damp.

Chiggers are most prevalent when it is fairly warm or hot outside. When the temperature is colder, this mite species dies off. If a person thinks they have accidentally come into contact with chiggers, they should launder their clothing as soon as possible and wash skin that was exposed. 

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