Whether you have just gotten your first pair of eyeglasses or you are looking to get a new, custom pair, it helps to know the best to care for them and maintain them. Eyeglasses should be considered an investment in your eye health, and that investment is best protected when you are careful with your glasses. Here are some essential tips for proper care of your eyeglasses so that they last a long time in the best possible condition.

Be Careful Where You Place Them

It is tempting to toss your eyeglasses aside when you take them off, but you should always be careful with them. Many people are careful when they first get them, but over time, forget how fragile they still are. Whenever you are not wearing your glasses, put them in the case. Even if you are just washing your face, put them in the case. This keeps them protected from unwanted water spots and prevents you from accidentally pushing them off the counter onto your bathroom tile.

Learn the Right Gripping Technique

When you grip the eyeglasses for cleaning or storing, always grip the piece that goes across the bridge of your nose. This is the most stable piece on the glasses. Never hold them by the frames, as you can accidentally bend the frame or get spots on the lenses. You should also not hold them by the temples, which are the arms that go behind your ear. These are not strong enough to sustain your grip.

Only Wipe With a Lens Cloth

Never use toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, or regular hand towels to wipe your eyeglasses. These items leave spots and might even scratch the lenses. Instead, use a special lens cloth that you can get from any store that sells eyeglasses or sunglasses. If you can't find an actual lens cloth, a microfiber cloth should be soft and gentle enough for your glasses.

How to Clean the Glasses

Your eyeglasses should not just be wiped down, but cleaned on a regular basis. First rinse the glasses with water to remove small particles of dirt or dust. Remember when cleaning them, to hold them on the metal part between the frames. Once rinsed, spray them with a cleaner that is labeled for eyeglasses. Place the glasses on a clean cloth with the lenses side up and allow them to air dry. You can then wipe them down with your lens cloth or microfiber cloth.

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