You've been thinking for a long time about getting a nose job, but you wonder if doing so will really make a difference in your life. Is this type of plastic surgery really worth the expense? That depends on certain factors, such as your expectations about the results. 

About Rhinoplasty

Medically known as rhinoplasty, a nose job can make you look more attractive and boost your self-confidence. Working with your plastic surgeon, you would decide on the modifications that you believe will make your face more appealing. It's not always as simple as choosing a nose size and shape you like on a celebrity -- your face may not be suitable for that particular nose. 

Positive Psychological Effects

Do people who have undergone rhinoplasty really feel better about themselves? Research indicates this is indeed the case. For instance, a study published in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery found that the effects on the patient's psychology and behavior are generally positive. 

You can expect to feel better about yourself after rhinoplasty if your nose truly does detract from your appearance. If it is obviously too large for your face, is crooked or has a noticeably unusual shape, you may feel relieved and more confident after a surgeon makes your nose more attractive. 


People who have a change to the shape or size of a bodily feature tend to have more trouble adjusting than do those who have a restorative procedure, according to another study. That means you might feel a bit odd about your new appearance at first, while someone who has undergone a facelift tends to be satisfied right away.

You may feel that you don't look like yourself anymore, and you may need time to get used to your new appearance. 

Be realistic about how attractive you will be after a nose job and about its potential effects on your life. A nose job probably won't make you look like your favorite movie star. It also probably won't suddenly make you the most sought-after person on the romantic scene.

It's not a bad idea to participate in a few counseling sessions before you schedule plastic surgery. A counselor can help you clarify your reasons for wanting rhinoplasty and determine how realistic your expectations are.  

What Can You Do Now?

Many plastic surgeons provide free or very affordable initial consultations. Make an appointment with one or two plastic surgeons who you believe would do an excellent job for you and discuss your options. In addition, see a counselor at least once to talk about your desire for plastic surgery. You then can make a good decision that will be most beneficial for you.