Pregnancy is filled with joy, excitement, and plenty of uncomfortable symptoms. It's also filled with planning for baby, worrying about how the pregnancy is progressing, and lots of other emotional stress. More and more, women are turning to massage therapy as part of their approach to a healthy pregnancy. Here are four reasons you should consider calling your massage therapist after you see your obstetrician.

Have a Happy Pregnancy

Massage therapy is known to reduce stress, and pregnant women tend to be full of stress over the changes they experience in their bodies and the worries they have for their babies, as well as a host of other factors. Having a massage during pregnancy releases serotonin and dopamine, according to This leaves you feeling happy and relaxed after every session. 

Reduce Aches and Pains

Leg and back pain are common during pregnancy, and massage therapy can help to relax your muscles and reduce the pain you experience. Be sure to tell your massage therapist where you experience the most pain, as this lets you manage your pain as a team. An added benefit of pain relief during a massage is that you might find it's easier to sleep at night.

Help During Labor

Many women find a massage during labor can help them to relax, reducing their anxiety about delivering a baby. Massage can also be an effective pain relief option for women who prefer not to take medication during labor, according to The March of Dimes. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if there is a massage therapist on staff who specializes in pregnancy massages for women in labor.

Post-Labor Reward

Women go through a lot during labor, and their bodies are sore and tired after so much physical work. A gentle massage after giving birth can be just what the doctor ordered to help you get back to your old self more quickly. The American Pregnancy Association reports that post-partum massages can help to regulate hormones, aid with breastfeeding, and reduce swelling. Special massages for women who have undergone C-sections help women to recover more quickly from surgery. Many hospitals offer post-partum massages as part of their labor and delivery packages, so be sure to ask about this option when you schedule your hospital tour.

Massages have benefits for almost everyone, and the benefits for pregnant women are clear. For reduced stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as a speedy recovery after you deliver, consider getting regular massages during your pregnancy. To learn more, visit Dr. Randal L. Butch D.C., P.A.