Are you interested in using a hormone replacement therapy, but are not sure which option will match your requirements? Then take the time to familiarize yourself with the variety of hormone replacement therapies out there, and by doing so you can make a choice that will match your exact requirements.


One of the most common ways of receiving a hormone replacement therapy is to take HRT tablets, and they will need to be taken every single day. When the tablets are taken the levels of estrogen are increased, as the tablets pass via the liver before eventually ending up in the bloodstream. This is called the first phase, and it means that the liver will inactivate 35-50% of the absorbed estrogen. For the first four to eight hours after ingesting the tablet the estrogen levels will be at their highest, but overall they will tend to fluctuate throughout the day.

The tablets have the advantage of not being intrusive, unlike implants can be, and there is no need to wear patches that could potentially get in the way.


When wearing patches it is a good idea to make sure that your skin is clean and dry. You'll also need to put some pressure on the patch when applying it for about 1 minute—by doing this it will allow the adhesive to bond to the skin more effectively. This will reduce the chances of the patch falling off during the day, and that will allow you to receive the full benefits of the patch.

On average you will need to wear a new patch every 3-4 days, but there are some manufacturers that produce patches which can be worn for as long as a week. Due to the fact that the estrogen does not need to go through the liver when using patches, you can get the same effect as with tablets at a smaller dose.


When receiving implant hormone replacement therapy you will need to have an implant inserted under the skin in the abdomen area. The implant is only the size of a pip, and when having it inserted you'll be under local anesthetic so there won't be any pain. It has the advantage of lasting for 6 months, which means you will not need to remember to take daily tablets. You will know when the implant is not effective anymore, because then you'll begin to experience menopause symptoms.

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