Getting in a good daily skin care routine is the best way to ensure that you do your best to ward off acne, dry skin, wrinkles and other skin issues. There are many products on the market that promise to give you great looking skin, but you can do this yourself by getting in a good habit of treating your skin well every day on your own. This article will provide you with a guide you can use to take care of your face each day in a way that will keep you looking great.

Wash with warm water and mild cleansers

Don't be a fanatic about washing your face with soap. While you do want to wash your face daily, you should simply rinse it off with cool water throughout the day if you are doing a lot of sweating. 

Many people feel that you should wash your face with hot water, but this can actually cause more harm than good. Hot water can lead to dry skin and it will irritate it. Instead, you should use lukewarm water. Don't use the same soap you shower with on your face. Regular bar soap is harsh and it isn't good for the delicate skin on your face. Instead, use a very mild soap and consider making it one without fragrance added to it.

While you can use a facial scrub one in a while, you want to make sure you use it gently. If you scrub too hard, then you can damage the first few layers of your skin. Make sure you rinse all the scrub off your face and use a cool washcloth on your face afterward to calm the skin down.

Don't wear makeup all the time

Makeup clogs the pores of your skin and this can lead to an array of skin problems, including acne and dry skin. If you do wear makeup, you want to wash it off as soon as you can and make sure you throw it away by the expiration date. Sharing makeup with someone else also puts you at risk of getting a skin infection.

Keep your hair off your face

Allowing your hair to hang in your face will allow the oils from your hair to transfer on your skin. This can lead to acne breakouts, especially during the hot summer months or when you are working out and sweating a lot.

Don't bake your face

If you are going to be out in direct sunlight, wear sunblock and try to shade your face as much as you can. Wearing a hat and sitting in the shade are things you should make a habit of. Too much sunlight can cause blotchy skin and cause you to wrinkle prematurely. It also increases your chances of developing skin cancer.

Following the advice here will help you to keep your face looking better. It will also help you to feel better since you won't have painful acne or itchy dry skin. Contact a local dermatologist, such as J Kent Bartruff MD PA, for further assistance.