If you live in a city with a decent population, you likely have access to one company that does clinical research trials, and maybe even more than one. Large cities boast several of these facilities. Clinical research facilities allow healthy adults or adults with certain medical conditions to participate in studies and receive compensation for their contributions to the study.

These studies may be held across several easy outpatient visits, while more intense studies require the participant to stay overnight at the facility for observation. Participants must be 18 to apply, and will go through a screening process before they are allowed to participate in any studies to ensure they are a good fit. There are many benefits associated with participating in these trials.

Financial Benefits

Participants in clinical research trials do receive financial remuneration for their participation. The amount of compensation varies based on the type of study, duration of study, requirements of the participant, and whether the study is done completely outpatient, completely inpatient, or a combination of the two. In most cases, participation in clinical research studies cannot replace a full-time job. It is good income to bridge the gap between full-time job pay and personal financial requirements. These studies are also great to fund a vacation or a purchase that is not included in a person's normal budget.

Health Benefits 

Some studies look for participants with a certain medical condition to participate in testing for new medications and other treatment therapies for the particular condition. These medications and treatments actually help most participants. This can be beneficial, as it can help people who are dealing with a medical condition find a newer, more effective method of treatment that can improve their health and lifestyle, and decrease any side effects of their medical condition. This can also help patients who deal with negative side effects from a current medication as they find a treatment that works better for them.

Social Benefits

Most clinical research studies allow participants to social and spend time together, especially those that are conducted in an inpatient environment. This allows participants to make new friendships that they can take with them after the study is completed. Participants also get to meet others who deal with the same medical conditions or other demographics that they identify with. This can be especially helpful to those participants who are dealing with a condition that isn't well-known or highly understood. Contact a clinical research group like Quintiles for more information.