If you experience bleeding, itching, or pain during or after a bowel movement, you may have an anal fissure. An anal fissure is a small tear in the anus and anal canal. Statistics show that anal fissures account for between 6% and 15% of the total visits patients make to colon and rectal surgeons each year.

If you suspect you have an anal fissure, but the tear is not severe enough to require surgical repair, you may be able to find some relief through natural remedies at home. Here are two natural ways you can help your body heal an anal fissure in the future.

1. Consume more fiber.

Some anal fissures occur when too much pressure is placed on the anal canal in an attempt to move excrement from the body. Constipation or hard-to-move stool can not only create an anal fissure, but it can prevent an existing fissure from finding the relief needed to properly heal.

A simple way to ensure that your bowels are emptied with ease each day is to consume more fiber. Experts suggest that a man consume between 30 and 38 grams of fiber daily, and a woman between the ages of 18 and 50 should aim to consume 25 grams each day. Unfortunately, the average American adult only consumes about 15 grams of fiber each day through diet alone.

Try taking a fiber supplement to provide your anal fissures with the relief from bowel movement pressure caused by inadequate fiber intake needed to begin the healing process.

2. Apply some aloe vera to the fissure.

Much of the pain associated with an anal fissure is caused by inflammation of the surrounding tissue. As long as this tissue remains inflamed, it can be difficult for your fissures to begin healing properly.

A simple home remedy that can be used to alleviate inflammation is the application of aloe vera. Aloe vera contains more than 75 active ingredients. Two of these ingredients, auxins and gibberellins, have anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease pain and heal wounds.

By applying the gel directly from an aloe vera plant to your anal fissures or creating a compress featuring aloe vera gel that can be used throughout the day, you will be able to help your anal fissures heal a lot faster.

Finding a way to heal an anal fissure at home doesn't have to be challenging. Try increasing your fiber intake and relying on aloe vera to see an improvement in the healing of your anal fissures in the future.

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