Has your primary doctor told you to go and see a respiratory therapist? Whether you are trying to get over a recent illness or are trying to undo years of smoking, you likely have a long road ahead of you to get back to optimal respiratory health. Your therapist will likely have some best practices you should follow, but if you have to wait a while until your first appointment, here are a few things you can start doing right now to help keep your lungs in good shape.

Stay Hydrated

You've likely heard about the benefits of proper hydration since you were little. It's true that proper daily water intake has many health benefits and that includes your lungs. Your lungs and airways are lined with a protective mucus. Your body needs water in order to keep that mucus at a healthy consistency. If you get dehydrated, this mucus will thicken, potentially slowing down your respiration and opening up the door to illness and other issues.

Get Moving

If years of smoking or a recent illness has lowered your overall respiration capacity, there's only one way to start undoing the damage: get up and get moving. Regular aerobic activity like jogging or riding a bike will send fresh oxygen through your system at a high rate and over time, your respiratory capacity will begin to improve as your body adjusts to your new lifestyle. Don't overdo it at the start, of course, but if you consistently stick to the same exercise routine, you will likely start feeling better sooner rather than later.

Step Up Your Cleaning Game

While your respiratory system is in bad shape, it's important that you don't do anything that could further aggravate the problem. One thing you definitely want to avoid doing is anything that cause an infection. Adding a cold to your other current problems isn't going to help one bit. To that end, get into the habit of washing your hands with soap and water on a regular basis. Brush your teeth regularly as this can also help kill germs. 

If you want to see some improvement in your respiratory functions, you will need to change how you go about your day. Implement regular exercise and hydration into your daily routine, and don't forget to wash your hands after coming into contact with other people. For more tips, reach out to your respiratory therapist, like http://cornermedical.com/, for assistance.