Losing a loved one can evoke feelings of grief and loss. If you are charged with helping to make funeral arrangements for your deceased loved one at a place like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, then you know how difficult it can be to plan during a period of mourning. Successful funeral arrangements allow everyone who loved and cared for your deceased family member to pay their last respects.

Thanks to advancements in technology, total inclusion is becoming a reality. Here are two high-tech options you should incorporate into the planning process when making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

1. A video broadcast of the funeral service.

If you have friends or family members living in another state or country, it can be challenging for these loved ones to travel home for a funeral. Thanks to the accessibility of video conferencing software, you can easily include these long-distance loved ones by creating a video broadcast of the funeral service.

Be sure to talk with your funeral home to determine if they offer video broadcasting services, since many modern funeral homes have wired each of their chapels to capture high-quality video feeds. Take advantage of cloud-based video services provided by the funeral home to allow remote access to the live video feed of your loved one's funeral.

2. Create an online guest book.

Many funeral homes provide the families of the deceased with the option to create an online guest book. This online guest book includes a copy of the obituary and any other relevant memorial information. Anyone who wants to share a memory from the life of your deceased loved one or share condolences for your loss can do so by typing a message and posting it to the online guest book.

Having the guest book online allows individuals who are unable to travel to the viewing or funeral to leave a special message, and it also allows more than one person to access to these messages at any given time so that multiple family members can read the thoughts and prayers left by loved ones whenever they need some added comfort while grieving.

Taking advantage of technology can be beneficial when it comes to streamlining the process of making funeral arrangements for a loved one. Working with your funeral home to create a live video feed of the funeral and taking the time to create an online guest book for friends and family to sign are high-tech solutions that will allow you to include as many people as possible when saying goodbye to your lost loved one.