After deciding that you want to hear better, going through a hearing test, and learning that you can benefit from hearing aids, your next order of business will be to look at the many models that can help you. There are many things to consider as you evaluate what hearing aids you'll buy, and your hearing specialist can help you to ensure that you make the right choice. While it's easy to focus on the looks of different hearing aids, you should also consider their features. Many hearing aids have a wind-reduction feature that some people can especially benefit from. If you enjoy these pastimes, this feature should be on your radar.


People jog for a variety of reasons, including helping to stay in shape physically and to also reduce stress. Depending on the weather conditions when you're jogging, the wind may be disruptive to your hearing. No one enjoys having the wind whipping into his or her ears, and when your hearing aids are picking up the sound of the wind, even a moderate breeze may be unbearable. Although it could be tempting to take your hearing aids out for your jog, doing so could be dangerous if you jog where traffic is present. Hearing aids with wind-reduction technology will help you to avoid such issues.


Even moderate winds can affect your golf game by pushing your airborne ball into the rough or out of bounds, but this might not be your biggest concern if you're a golfing enthusiast who also wears hearing aids. The wind blowing down the fairway might not bother your playing partners, but if your hearing aids are picking up the sound of the breeze so that you hear it clearly, it may be a hindrance. Being able to concentrate is integral when you're golfing, and noisy winds can definitely disrupt your game. Choosing wind-reduction technology if you're an avid golfer is a must.

Drone Flying

Although it's easiest to fly a drone on a still day, you may have to contend with the wind if you enjoy this hobby. Wind can make flying your drone more complicated, which means that you need to be fully focused — and that can be hard if your hearing aids are intensifying the sound of the breeze around you and making it a bother. In most cases, however, wind noise won't be an issue during this activity if you select wind-reduction technology when you choose your hearing aids.